Used Audi V. New Audi: The Pros And Cons Of Both

Hi everyone this is Rob from Rob’s Imports. I’m back to you today with a new blog about an interesting subject, buying an Audi and what you need to know before making the decision. It gets tricky when choosing whether to buy a new car or a used one. The difficulty gets even more overwhelming when the car is to a luxury vehicle like Audi.
At that point, you need to take extra care to ensure that you get value for your money and spend less to get a reliable Audi car.
Some of the questions an intending buyer needs answers to before buying an Audi Car include: are used Audi cars reliable? Is buying a new Audi car a better financial decision? But not to worry, this article will take you through the analysis of used Audi v. New Audi, while looking at pros and cons of both.
Why Choose Audi Cars
Audi is a luxury vehicle, therefore even the lowest price for its new cars may be relatively expensive. This is because Audi is an exceptional brand that competes with other good brands like Mercedes and BMW companies. They earned these ranks with the following qualities of their products.

  • Audi produces well-made vehicles with great designs that befit the high societal class.
  • The standard selection is incredibly spectacular because they come with impeccable service and ultra technological features.
  • Audi is a reputable brand that makes use of high-quality materials for both the interior and exterior of its cars.
  • To ascertain the level of safety of their vehicles, Audi has been crash testing their cars with dummies for over seventy-five years.

Audi Models
The following are popular Audi models.
Audi R8: It is produced on the Lamborghini platforms with common components in transmission with Lamborghini. This makes it an exceptional sports car for everyday cruise.
Audi A4: It is an executive Sedan and a great luxury car to drive. This makes it one of the best-selling cars in the market.
Audi A6: It is a medium-sized Sedan that is manufactured with plenty of space for passengers. It is a great luxury car for family travel.
 Buying Used Audi Cars
A brand new Audi R8 car sells for about $130,000 whereas a used Audi A4 with considerable mileage is sold for about $20,000.
Used Audi Cars can be divided into two:

  • Certified Pre-owned (CPO) Audi
  • Non-factory certified Used Audi

 Certified Pre-Owned (CPO)
These are used Audi’s that have been certified by the Audi factory to be of good quality and available for purchase despite being used. This is because Audi CPO cars come with warranties and services which are;

  • Once the new vehicle’s limited warranty is still active, the CPO warranty begins once the initial warranty lapses and ends after 5years.
  • If the new vehicle’s limited warranty is inactive, then the CPO warranty ends after one year.
  • It comes with a 3 months subscription to SiriusXM satellite radio.

Before a used vehicle is certified by the Audi factory, it has to pass through several interiors, exterior, engine, road test, and undercarriage checkpoints. Therefore it is less expensive than new Audi cars but more expensive than non-factory certified used Audi.
Non-factory Certified Used Audi
These are regularly used Audi cars by individuals who choose to sell off the cars for personal reasons. This type of sale is not monitored by the Audi company. It is simply between a seller and a buyer.
The buyer, therefore, needs to be extra careful to ensure that the service history provided by the seller on the current situation of the vehicle is true and absolute. This can be achieved through the following.

  • Carefully examine the car’s interior as the amount of care and gentleness in usage a car gets is seen on the loftiness of its interiors.
  • Check for rust on the exterior parts because cars left unused or tended to become rusty on some of their exteriors. Also, fixing the rust could be expensive.
  • Get the complete report of the vehicle insurance number to ascertain the number of past owners and for what purpose it was used.

Since Audi Cars are expensive to repair but cheaper to maintain, going for a used one with quality history would be a wise financial decision.

 The Pros And Cons Of Used Audi Cars
There are several advantages and setbacks of used Audi cars which are;

Pros Of Used Audi Cars
The following are the advantages of purchasing a used Audi car.

  • It helps to pay less for high-quality vehicles. Used Audi cars are sometimes about 50% cheaper than a brand new one of the same model.
  • Buying used Audi cars helps to avoid the initial value drop of the vehicle. This is because as soon as you drive out of the factory, depreciation sets in. Therefore, within a short period so much value would have been lost.
  • Used Audi cars, especially the certified pre-owned ones, help you enjoy longer warranties.
  • It allows you to buy a model of your choice that might already be out of stock.

 Cons Of Used Audi Cars
The following are some of the problems associated with using Audis. Stale Technology: As the world advances in technology, so are cars produced across time. A 2008 Audi model would not have the same technological features as a 2018 Audi. We would find better features for ease and comfortable driving in the 2018 model while some of the features in the 2008 model might be obsolete.
Managing Wear And Tear: Used Audis have more mileage and are therefore prone to wear and tear. This results in a higher cost of maintenance. The reasons for this include:

  • The valve cover gasket and camshaft tensioner are prone to oil leaks. Changing them becomes the only solution.
  • The exhaust system of Audi cars is made of plastic parts. Over time, it wears and tears resulting in an exhaust leak.
  • The electrical components such as the digital dashboard display, tail lamps, and console might develop faults.
  • A common mechanical problem with Audi cars is the ignition coil. Changing the spark plug becomes the only solution.

Inactive Warranty: The warranty period of a used car might be over at the hands of the previous owner before you make the purchase. Though buying certified pre-owned from Audi dealers gives more warranty period.
Buying New Audi Cars
There is an exceptional feeling and peace of mind that comes with buying a brand new Audi model rather than a used one. Although, in the main, it boils down to choice, interest, and financial capacity.
Pros And Cons Of New Audi
Buying new has numerous advantages and also its fair share of demerits, which are explained below.
Pros of Buying New Audi
Here are the advantages of purchasing a new Audi model over a used one.

  • Freedom Of Choice: It gives more freedom in choosing the model of Audi you desire. There is usually a variety of colors of different models to choose from.
  • Getting Factory Order: When the combination desired is out of stock, there is the option of making a factory order and therefore be the sole decision-maker on how you want your new Audi to be configured.
  • Lower Interest Rates: Buying new help reduce interest rates on payment as more of the monthly payment goes into paying the loan amount and less into paying the interest amount.
  • No Problems Of Previous Maintenance: Purchasing a new Audi means there are no worries about how the previous owner used the vehicle or how many parts are undergoing wear and tear.
  • Warranty: New Audi cars come with a warranty period that gives the buyer confidence in use and maintenance.

Cons Of Buying New Audi
The following are possible problems with purchasing a new Audi car.
Cost Of Purchase: Audi models are luxury cars and therefore purchasing a brand new one is quite expensive.
Higher Depreciation Rate: As soon as you drive off the factory, depreciation sets in. Within a few months of purchase, the value would have reduced drastically. This is because cars are generally depreciating assets.
More hidden Fees: Hidden fees increase the cost of buying a new car. Most times, the buyer is not well informed about these fees before purchase. Hidden fees include;

  • Destination Fees: This is the amount paid to deliver the car to your home. It is usually inflated by the company as it sometimes costs over one thousand dollars.
  • Dealer prep fees: This is the amount paid to have the dealer prep your car a second time to ascertain the good condition of purchase. It sometimes costs over three hundred dollars.
  • Market fees: This fee shows that the purchased car is hot in the market and it costs over two hundred dollars.

The choice of purchasing a new Audi v. a Used Audi boils down to interest, financial capability, choice of configuration, and reliability. Both new and used Audi models have their pros and cons.
Despite the fear of maintenance, wear and tear associated with used models, there are guides which when followed ensure the purchase of reliable used Audi.