Why Buy Tires With Rob’s Import Repair

“I can get tires anywhere”. We hear that, and you can get tires anywhere! So, how can you find the right spot to get tires? Here are some of the benefits you can expect from Rob’s.

Number one; we do not play games with load or speed ratings.
The vehicle manufacturer determined proper load and speed rating requirements for your vehicle. Some tire places will sell you a tire that does not meet this qualification, and although it may be less expensive, it is not a responsible action. Lower speed/load ratings can create unsafe handling conditions, including a blowout! Safety and reliability are very important for you and everyone you share the road with.

Number two; our techs are qualified over-qualified.
We are here to help and have witnessed many customers that have gotten tires elsewhere come to us to solve their tire issues. From bead and tire valve stem leaks, to damaged TPMS sensors and scuffed wheels, to loose lug nuts that destroy the rim, our technicians replace/mount your tires correctly the first time, or fix the problems you have had elsewhere. Leaks cause underinflation, which results in unsafe handling and tire damage or destruction.

Number three; we are aware of your needs.
Our technicians know what tires the vehicle commands and our service staff understand the tire options to best fit your needs. From winter weather travel to all-terrain tires, we provide information as to how these tires will perform while considering factors like noise, tire longevity, tire grip in multiple situations, and tire appearance and fitment. Tires are an investment. We help protect that investment with recommendations of tire inflation pressures, tire rotation direction and frequency, and vehicle alignment based on driving habits and vehicle usage.
There is a wealth of information on tire and tire maintenance. So if you want useful information from qualified experts that listen to your needs, trust your tire service to Rob’s, a full-service automotive repair facility that is so much more than just a place to buy tires.