The Drawbacks in Electric Car Adoption

As interested and excited as people get with every break in technology, it’s surprising why electric cars are finding it a bit difficult penetrating the market. Yes! We love to explore but realistically, electric cars will require more than sheer luck to gain access into the hearts of people because; despite its many advantages over traditional cars, people have their fears as charging stations and other elements necessary for its maintenance are not readily available in most countries of the world and apart from Robsimport, not too many automobile repairers understand how electric cars work.

Although they are far less expensive to maintain especially when the owner uses the professional help of Robsimport when compared with traditional cars, they have witnessed a slow widespread adoption amongst car lovers due to several reasons which in part is in its making. Automakers are relentlessly working on ways to make it more convenient for use. For instance, while a traditional car, depending on its fuel efficiency and tank capacity can go as far as 400miles on a single full tank, electric cars can manage between 60 and 100 miles when fully charged. It’s shorter range might be a turnoff as some people prefer a car that can cover a longer distance without frequently visiting the station for a recharge thereby breaking their trips annoyingly.

Also, recharging an electric car takes a longer time. Usually depending on the model, an electric car sometimes takes about 20 hours to have a full charge unlike traditional cars which take barely 3 minutes to fill up it’s tank. That said, there’s hope as automakers are coming up daily with improved models with lesser charging period, to ensure penetration into the market and assuredly with more charging stations, more renewable energy sources, and a longer range capacity, electric cars might soon get the open arms and penetration it deserves.