How Do You Retain Your Vehicle’s Value?

regular maintenance
Regular maintenance isn’t just going to retain your vehicle’s value regular maintenance will help you prevent a lot of problems that are sure to cost you a significant amount of money because neglecting maintenance will give minor problems a chance to turn into major problems, it is also proven that regular maintenance is proven to increase fuel efficiency and save you up to 1,200$ a year.
Don’t make extreme modifications to your vehicle
even though you might think to yourself that you like those body modifications and you think that they look nice and they might be nice!. however, not everyone has the same taste as you, I would say that if you are planning to make some serious body modifications then you should keep your vehicle forever, another type of modification are performance-enhancing modifications while those might not be so obvious, having them is going to probably send a message that you pushed your vehicle outside of its limit and might even participate in some races which are going to lower your vehicles value a lot.
Don’t smoke in your vehicle
we all know that tobacco has a unique smell that isn’t pleasant, you might think to yourself that the smell of cigarettes will eventually go away, well not really because smoking regularly in your vehicle can cause the smell to linger and be almost impossible to get rid off which will eventually lead to a decreased value.
Repair windshield chips as soon as possible
in most cases, windshield chips could be treated without having to replace the whole windshield glass. however, if you wait on these chips they will eventually turn into cracks that are not only going to cost you more but are also dangerous to drive with and also illegal in some states!
Drive safely
this is probably the most simple advice here, just drive safely so you can avoid accidents as much as you can, getting in one or two accidents is not only dangerous for your life but it will also decrease your vehicle’s value significantly.
Keep the Mileage as low as you can
by this, I don’t mean that you need to keep your vehicle in your garage and start walking everywhere rather I advise you to avoid unnecessary trips and maybe even rent a car when you want to travel because the value of your vehicle decreases with every mile, The Average miles are driven every year in the US is 15000 miles.
Don’t wait when you notice something off
do you hear weird noises when you turn on your vehicle? do you notice weird smells? most of the times drivers tend to ignore those warning signs and hope that they go away with time, doing this could potentially cause more major problems and might end up in your vehicle breaking down which is dangerous for your life and those major problems and breakdowns are going to cost you a lot when it comes to both repairing your vehicle and its value.