Nominate a Community Member For Free Auto Repair

Do you know someone that is focused on the needs of others? Someone who’s selfless and could use a little boost to continue what they’re doing?  

For example: someone who gives back to the community selflessly and could use that extra boost to continue what they’re doing.

Rob’s Import Repair is giving away $1,000+ worth of car repairs including parts and labor to a community member that you now have the opportunity to nominate.


1. Think about someone in the community that you know that deserves this

2. Complete the form below

3. We will be in contact if your entry has been chosen

Robs Imports cares deeply about the community that we’re a part of. We employ members of the community and work with those in Kaukana to keep their cars running well during each season.

Terms and conditions: 
Member must live within 25 miles of Robs Import Repair.
$1,000 worth of repair work will include parts and labor and may go over this amount if needed.

Must nominate others, not self.