Audi Care – Five Top Maintenance Tips

When you purchase an Audi, especially if it’s your first car, you want to remain in top condition. Although having a repair shop you can go to for regular servicing and checkup for your Audi is vital, you should note a couple of maintenance tips. These tips will improve your Audi’s lifespan and ensure the value stays high for many years. Scheduling weekly Audi maintenance is vital, and so are the five maintenance tips below.
 Check the Light and Signals
When you want to maintain your Audi and prolong its lifestyle, the basic car functions are essential. This feature means a top Audi maintenance tip is ensuring the lights and signals are in top conditions. If the check engine light comes on in your Audi car, it’s a sign of malfunction. Don’t joke with the light signals to prevent serious mishaps in your car.
 Oil Change
Another top Audi maintenance tip is to know your oil status and change it when needed. You can check if your engine oil needs changing using the dipstick. There are different oil requirements for Audi models; find out yours and ensure you stick to it.
 Check the Battery
Another top Audi maintenance tip is to test your Audi car battery every couple of months consistently. You can also check the battery every time you cross 3000 miles. One way to keep the battery in top condition is by taking it for regular checks and maintenance. A battery is supposed to last for three years; take note of it, so you’re not stuck with a dead battery while on the road.
 Take Note of the Brakes
One of the most critical components of an Audi car is the brakes. Keep an eye out for improper brake functioning signs. Also, have your brakes checked every six months. If you notice humming sounds when you change car speed, it could indicate a wheel bearing problem. If you have to change your brake fluid, don’t hesitate. It is recommended that you change the brake fluid every two years or after going three miles.
 Check Your Tires
You should also watch your tires and regularly check for defects. If you notice tire pressure issues, take your car in for repairs to ensure a smooth ride only. Defected tires usually have dangerous consequences on the road. Therefore it is best to avoid it with regular tire maintenance every month. The best part is if there’s a pressure loss, your Audi car will notify you. Don’t ignore the signs; take care of them immediately.